Friday, 8 January 2010

It's Friday so...a little fun with history

It's 5 o'clock on Friday time for the weekend to kick in.The 8th of January is the inspiration for the links this week.

On this day in 1790 in New York George Washingston gave the first State of the Union. It will hardly surprise you that coverage of that speech is not available on YouTube. So what am I to do. The answer is obvious as I cannot show you that piece how about an extract of a State of the Union speech that also never made it. That's right the Sam Seaborn passage about curing cancer.

1297 on this day was the day that Monaco gained its Independence. So what better way to celebrate that this tribute at the way most of us see the Principality.

My final link to this day is that in 1877 Crazy Horse and his warriors fought their last battle at Wolf Mountain. So Although I don't quite get to Montana where Wolf Mountain is situated how about some lads from Utah.

As a bonus Donny sining it at Edinburgh Castle.


  1. I think your second video is the wrong one. Nothing to do with Monaco.

  2. Hmm posting the same clip twice must have still been in the cache. Corrected now I trust.