Monday, 4 January 2010

First Bus Fail in Freezing Weather

Here is what the First Bus website says about services for today.

Fair enough it is a Saturday timetable. So my normal bus the X1 is not running, my alternative service to work on the Calder Road is the 27/28 service. Here is what the timetable says for Saturday service.

The circled is my bus stop in Bathgate. I stood there from 6:40 this morning in readiness for the 6:52. It didn't show. Then the 7:23 didn't show. So I am now typing on the 7:53. I mean it is not like it is warm or anything.

I could have hopped on an alternative service to get me into Edinburgh, though along the Glasgow Road, but I shouldn't have had to. Both an 10 and a 16 came past me as I waiting in the vain hope that mine was just behind. There was meant to have been two buses before the one I am currently on. I would have been slightly late for work at 8am with the Saturday service as it was. Now I will be an hour late no matter what.

If and when I do get feeling back in my toes I'll let you know via twitter.

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  1. First Group - whether bus or rail - are utterly CRAP. All they care about is profits, they couldn't give a hoot about services.

    My biggest disappointment with the SNP government was the failure to tackle transport and break the exploitative monopolies of Worst Group and Stagecoach.