Friday, 1 January 2010

The End of Time or a New Hope #DoctorWho

There were a number of references to Star Wars in tonight's Doctor Who.

Rassilon killing one of those around him at the table and striking terror into the rest a very sith like character trait of Emperor Palatine or Darth Vader.

The guard who was an inch too tall in the mansion, just like Luke being too short when he rescued Leah.

The haphazard and bumpy rescue of the Doctor in his wheelchair was like Chewbacca rescuing the recently released from carbonite Han Solo.

"Worst rescue ever" The Doctor. "You call this a rescue plan. Some plan!" Leia.

The Asteroid Lasers on the Vinvocci vessel were straight steals from the Millennium Falcon.

And doesn't Wilf's whistles from the laser turrent sound awfully like R2D2.

And the Vinvocci vessel sweeping over the sea sounds like Chewbacca.

The ominously large Gallifrey and all hell breaking loose hanging over earth are similar to the Death Star.

Murray Gold's music also at times had echoes of John Williams score.

The Space Bar and the Aliens band not quite up to Tattooine cantina standards but the Doctor sorts out a new wingman for Captain Jack. Alonsy!

And of course the sacrificial 'death' to save another just like Obi Wan and Vader.

So maybe under Steven Moffat we will be into a New Hope as the franchise moves on under a new producer. I'm glad the new Doctor has his legs, arms, a nose of which he has had worse and remembered the important thing he had to when the regeneration started.

Farewell David Tennent, looking forward to what Matt Smith will bring after those few brief moments of post regeneration anarchy starting in the spring.

Here's to the Stephen Glenn position Doctor. Number 11 my kinda number.

UPDATE: Having watched Doctor Who Confidential RTD seems to think that the last 15 minutes of goodbyes to all the assistants etc was what was needed for the kids who grew up with David Tennent as their Doctor. Come on in Star Wars the goodbye was just the three ghosts appearing at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Thinking back to mine and Russel's childhoods we didn't get those goodbyes, plus we had to wait years to actually own the copies of the programmes we loved so much, after first video and then DVD was created. Today's young Doctor Who fans can easily find their favourite companions whenever they want to, they most likely have them on DVD somewhere near the TV.

UPDATE 2: For any non-UK Doctor Who fans or even for for those who are here is the intro to The End of Time Part II with The Doctor doing the honours over his ident.

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