Wednesday, 10 April 2013

To boldly fail, where no meme has failed before

When attempted to use a meme for your cause it may be better if you check the appropriateness or not of that meme.

The Yes for Scottish Independence campaign have produced this meme.

Only problem is that in the Star Trek cannon Scotland is not an independent nation, indeed neither is the UK.  Referring to Denise and Michael Okuda's chronology of Star Trek, indeed from 2079 Earth is united under one government in Star Trek lore. This is the United Earth, it is not like the UN at all, but all people are joined together under one big parliament, this also includes Scotland. Indeed keeping the Enterprise's engines doing exactly what the c'ptain is wanting is a wee laddie from Lithgae.

 In 2161 the first four planets Earth along with Vulcan, Tellar and Andoria form the United Federation of Planets, maybe this is a bit like the European Coal and Steel Community,  a post conflict (in this case with the Romulans) community of peoples looking to live peacefully together.

So therefore to have a picture of a c. 2266-69 communications officer talking about Unionist propaganda when she lives happily on United Earth and in part of the United Federation of Planets seems a little bit bizarre. Surely it would be separatist propaganda that would cause more concern on the Bridge of the Enterprise?

Nice try guys  but you’ve probably just lost the geek, and almost certainly the Trekker, vote.

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