Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dear Archbishop of Paris #lgbt #equalmarriage

Dear Cardinal Archbishop André Vingt-Trois,

His Eiminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris
I understand that you feel that marriage equality is a step towards inciting violence and splitting society in France. And that you said :"This is the way a violent society develops. Society has lost its capacity of integration and especially its ability to blend differences in a common project."

May I suggest your Eminence that therefore there is a fundamental flaw with the heterosexual community. Now I know we should love the sinner and hate the sin, but this violence against fellow man is contrary to Jesus exhortation to "Love thy nieghbour as thyself". Therefore we must look for a cure to this malaise to our society.

It is clear that simply allowing people who love each other to cause violence is the sign of some psychotic behaviour. How can the happiness of others lead to such bitterness and violence in others. Maybe we should lock up those who perpetrate this violence. Now as we cannot predetermine who will commit such violent acts maybe we should just round them all up and place them in some sort of camp, away from polite society where people can love each other for who they are.

We may also look at treating them while they are there with electro shock therapy to  try and cure them of these violent tendencies. We shall show them pictures of people carrying out violent acts and every time they respond as if wanting to get involved we shall send a spark of electricity through them so as to deter them from contemplating taking such actions.

We should also consider chemically castrating these individuals, just as we do with tom cats or male dogs to make them less frisky, this also would have the added effect of making sure that they cannot reproduce more violent heterosexuals to continue this violent society into a new generation.

However, if they carry on with this violence, even if they so much as form a fist we should lock them away for life. If though they violence is passed on to others we should have them euthanised.

However, if there is violence against those who partake or wish to partake in same-sex marriage we shall continue to pray for those that persecute us.


A gay Christian who would love to have the option of getting married

Note all of the methods listed above have of course been considered ways to treat homosexuality in the last 100 years.

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