Friday, 12 April 2013

Dear BBC, Relax, just do it!

All this kerfuffle over whether or not to play almost 75 year old record this on this week's chart show.

Now to slightly change the most common line in another hit single that the BBC refused to play may be the BBC should "relax, just do it". Because all the publicity over whether they should or should not have played it on Breakfast this morning and News at One at lunchtime and no doubt this evening at six I shall hear another comment about the decision not to play it on the chart show (a five second excerpt will be played on Newsbeat during the show, however).

If they had just got on with reflecting the songs that people had been buying this week it would have been mostly a non-story. But all the debate about whether they should or shouldn't have played it:
  • a) made more people buy it being aware it would land the BBC is even hotter water
  • b) made people who aren't following social media aware of the campaign to get it played
  • c) has actually turned it into a major political story and therefore unto the news pages rather than keeping it in entertainment
But no doubt that logic failed to hit people at the top of the BBC when the news editors sat down to talk about it. Because now the whole issue has far more coverage that it could ever have hoped for if simply things were let to take their course.

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