Friday, 5 April 2013

Meanwhile back home

For nearly 15 years we have been waiting for something to fill the spot where once hotels and business's stood along the sea marina front of Bangor. There have been too many plans for some sort of civic centre, shops, flats combination of various of the above. But all the while there has just been a gaping hole from the Vennel along towards the six remaining premises before you reached Southwell Road.

It wasn't that from from this large absence of anything of note that I caught my first glimpse of the Olympic Torch last Summer. But that absence has been filled for 24 months at least with Project 24. Pods containing 24 mini studios in which local artists can take up residency or display their work.

At the end of that period pods and the artists will be rehoused in another site to sustain the project and hopefully then 17 years after it began the final project for the site will begin.

Here is one of the local artists talking about what this means to Bangor.


I guess next time I am over I shall be busy on Instagram taking some pics of this new temporary development.

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