Thursday, 8 October 2009

There Must Have Been Wastage in Tory PPC's Glass

On The Daily Politics today Andrew Neill asked Lord Tam Strathclyde the leader in the Lords if Eric Pickles had restricted Tory PPCs to one unit of alcohol a night. You can watch the exchange here on BBC iPlayer.

Now of course one unit isn't very much. Indeed it isn't even a full drink. So what could they have drunk.

A half pint 284ml of beer under 3.5% abv would have been fine. But in Manchester the Cream of the City ie Boddingtons t osatisfy most would have to be drunk from a can of 3.8% abv, but don't drink all the 330ml can. The draft is 4.1% so just over a unit, but the pub ale is 4.8%.

Those looking to take on the Lib Dems in the South West would have been denied their cider. Regular cider at 5% is about 1.4 units a half pint.

A weak wine of 8% served in a 125ml glass would be one unit but most wines are more like 12% bars and hotels sell in 175 or 250 ml glasses. so 12% in the 250 ml comes in at 2.4 units a shot oops.

As for an alcopop at 1.4 to 1.5 units per bottle again best to avoid.

As for that glass of champagne that David Cameron drank, hope he left a third of it, at 1.5 units a glass he's have been over his limit and Eric will have had to have words.

So a single of spirits it is then. A 25ml measure of spirits would be fine one unit exactly, just check you weren't being served the increasingly popular large single measure of 35 ml.

So after carefully drinking their unit and leaving their unemptied glass to one side there really must have been a lot of spare alcohol sitting around in glasses in Manchester.

Maybe after all the orange juice Tory PPC's must have been quaffing they really were as clean cut as the High School Musical kids and for a grand finale really did fill the basketball court to sing "We're All in This Together".

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