Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Deal or Too Slow Deal

I've just seen Gordon Brown's response to Nick Clegg's questioning in PMQs about the Copenhagen summit and raising the issue that Labour is doing too little (I'd add too late) on the Climate Change.

Brown replied that ALL parties should campaign together for a deal at Copenhagen. Strangely that only last week all parties bar one, plus Sammy Wilson of the DUP, did vote positively for their own responsibility, agreeing to vote for Parliament signing up to 10:10. Of course we know the one that was largely against was Brown's own party. Ed Milliband tried to explain this anomaly in talk and action away by saying (my comments in red):

"10:10 is a campaign which Labour supports: all Cabinet ministers have signed up to try to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10% in 2010. It's a great motivator of public action to cut carbon emissions through individual and collective behaviour change and I hope it helps to build public support for action by governments to agree an ambitious, effective and fair deal at Copenhagen. This is a great opening paragraph one I cannot fault.

"It's also true that signing up can be an important step to sustaining long term emissions cuts. That's why Labour-run councils and Labour groups are signing up to 10:10; we want local authorities to have local carbon budgets, and signing up to 10:10 is an important step towards that goal. Again bravo!

"But Oops! as a government we have a much bigger too big to take personal action?, long term goal that we set out in the framework of the Climate Change Act last year. Five months ago we put flesh on that framework when we agreed - with the support of the Lib Dems and the official ouch! Opposition things have changed in five months – the first three carbon budgets for this country. Those budgets are 3 five year cycles moving from last year to 2022. The problem of course is that the whole thrust of the 10:10 campaign is that we no longer appear to have the luxury of waiting until 2022 hence the need for drastic acceleration starting NOW!

"So every government department is committed to a long term reduction in carbon emissions – not just in 2009, not just in 2010, but through to 2022 and beyond failing to recognise the fact that 10:10 also believes these need cutting beyond as well. The public sector has already reduced its emissions by a third between 1990 and 2007 this has shot up from 21% or 18% from last week circa one fifth. Impressive or lies? and the Government is on track to meet and exceed its carbon emissions target of 12.5% as I said last week that is inclusive of carbon trading actually 8.5% reductions from across its estate by 2010-11.

"We're now allocating £20 million pounds to cut CO2 emissions from both the government estate and its transport to achieve those goals." Again while it looks impressive spending to save the planet but isn't really that much especially when but beside the £1.5trillion to save the banks.

So I think that Nick's question was very well justified, and Gordon should really have taken his own answer to heart only last week, instead of playing a political game of football.


  1. So despite the fact that you know for certain that "global warming" is a complete & deliberate fascist lie that no honest politician can support you continue to push it. I guess that answers my question that you refused to answer.

    I take it you are also continuing to support racial genocide & organlegging.

  2. Neil one of my specialities in my degree was environmental economics. That was 20 years ago. Trust me if I truly wanted to blind you with fact that climate change and global warming are happening I could. Unlike you're blog however, I chose to make my points accessible, understandable and readable to the casual viewer. So I don't regurgatate the same stuff over and over in anorakic detail every time I have something to say.

    As for the second paragraph of your comment "So despite the fact that you know for certain that "Serbians" aimed to ethnically clense through genocide that every honest politician can support you continue to push the opposite view as a lie.

  3. Saying you have no intention of producing evidence for anything U say but I could, trust me on that - clearly represents the highest standard of honesty to which you aspire. Of course quite a bit of measurement has been done in the last 20 years, since you allegedly did your degree in being an innumerate parasite, indeed at that stage the global ice age lie was not fully abandoned. You have merely proven your ignorance & your pride in being ignorant.

    Regretably I cannot be so kind about your racist words about Serbs. On your previous thread you promised to come back with evidence to support your party's position. You didn't which proves you couldn't. Your racist attack then is not from ignorance but knowing it is a complete & deliberate lie. Clearly you are the sort of person who would happily have accepted employment working the ovens at Auschwitz & defended doing so by saying the Jews really were killing Christian kids, in the full knowledge that it is a lie.

    Nonetheless, by not engaging in censorship I acknowledge that you are closer to being a liberal than almost all other party members.