Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Can People Not Give Impartial Advice?

One thing I hate about the American Family Association (AFA) is that they seem incapable of expecting anyone to give impartial advise. Therefore it was sadly no surprise that their latest outcry came to my ears.

Kevin Jennings, is the head of the White Houses Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. 21 years ago he told a student that if he was having a relationship with an older man, he should be careful to use a condom. Now for starters surely that is sound and sage advise, even if the young man were already sexually active with other men. As it was it was a provision for the future.

AFA president Tim Wildmon said Jennings "actively advances a radical homosexual agenda in America’s public school system under the guise of promoting anti-bullying policies".

Adding: "Are we to believe Kevin Jennings will fairly treat Christians who believe homosexuality is wrong? Students of faith will hardly be safe from bullying and intimidation in any school that listens to him. It’s time for the Obama administration to demand his resignation."

Actually I would suspect that he would be able to fairly treat Christians, just because a man gives health care advise to a group who's lifestyle you don't agree with doesn't mean he will also be able to consider the opinions of those you do. Each case, each pupil is an individual. If anyone in authority failed to recognise that and treat them all the same they are the ones that will hardly be keeping the child safe. Any teacher, even those in Christian schools in the states will be able to tell you that each is unique an individual and needs leading on their own path. Indeed are we not all 'fearfully and wonderfully made'?

Just because you at the AFA cannot remain impartial doesn't mean that other's can't. Therefore I think you accusation should be pointed back at you.

Are we to believe the AFA will fairly treat individuals who believe the AFA is wrong? Students of a homosexual nature will hardly be safe from bullying and intimidation in any school that listens to them. It’s time for the AFA to behave with more discretion.

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