Saturday, 3 October 2009

Homophobes and Anti-Semites Invited to Tory Conference

The Tories are holding their party conference in Manchester this year. LGBTory were even boasting about holding a Conference Pride event in the heart of the City's gay village, although there is a rival Tory Shame event being organised for the week in another venue.

But that is not the thrust of this blog post, no. Both Michal Kamiński of the Tories Polish Law and Justice Party EU allies and Roberts Zīle of the Latvian For Fatherland and Freedom Party will be attending a fringe event on the future of Europe.

One wonders what sort of future that will be. Kamiński, who actually leads the Conservatives EU grouping, comes from a party that have said that homosexuals should be isolated and not be allowed to teach. They also launched an investigation into 'all' gay groups for illegal financing, criminal connections, and pedophilia. The whole thrust was to brand all homosexuals paedophiles.

In Latvia Zīle's party backed the Christian Democratic Party's decision to drop discrimination at work on the grounds of sexuality, the only country in the EU with that omitted. Latvia have also been attacks on peaceful Gay Pride parade and have banned lesbian and gay demonstrations.

They will also spark issues with the Tory party's Jewish supporters, Zīle annually celebrates Hitler's Waffen-SS with a march past of SS veterans. Condemned by Mark Gardner from the Community Security Trust, which monitors violence against Jews, who said:

"Members of this party participate in Waffen-SS ceremonies and that must cause grave concern and pain to Jews and any anyone else who suffered at the hands of Nazism – even in the context of Latvia's very complex history."

So some very queer mixed messages are being sent from Dave's allegedly 'progressive' Conservatives this week. To not just tolerate these men and their believes but to have them addressing the future of Europe is a disgrace. It shows the Tories true colours so that even while the LGBTory group party the night away on Canal Street that these men will be addressing delegates as friends for a right-wing Europe.


  1. There's a very interesting reference on page 494 of Andrew Roberts' new book on the Second World War to the participation of Latvians in massacres of Jews. Even the nazis were appalled.

    For the Tories to ally themselves with a party which commemorates memebrship of the Waffen SS even under a disguise of anti Soviet nationalism is pretty poor judgement. It shows their desparation to find some new friends after blowing out he mainstream European right. I've commented elsewhere that UKIP's tie upis also warrant exposure.

  2. I thought the post was going to be about the Daily Mail getting a press pass for the event...