Wednesday, 14 October 2009

So Here's to You Mrs Robinson (Something About Mary)

Writing in today's Scotsman* but repeated on his own website Lib Dem MEP George Lyon has outlined the Lib Dem objections to Tony Blair being named the first President of the EU under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty. In the same paper this morning families of Iraq soldiers killed in the Iraq conflict say that far from be elevated to President in Brussels he should go to the Hague to face charges of war crimes.

George ponders how the man who was responsible for the illegal invasion of Iraq, ignored millions across Europe who opposed the war, rode roughshod over our European neighbours who warned against it, angered Muslim nations who feared it, and circumvented the UN that tried to avert it, could possibly represent the EU on the world stage. Blair is seeking to use his role as a soft-landing after a hard fall, one we are also still hoping the economy although after his watch, but because of his Government's actions is also hoping for.

But Labour will tell us, who is the alternative candidate? Surely we need someone we can trust? Well George has an answer to Labour trying to promote their golden smiled hero to one last great office, and it is one I agree with, former Irish President Mary Robinson.

Not only did she enjoy a successful period as President of Ireland but after that she went on to be UN High Commissioner for Human Rights a role she also excelled at. While Blair made enemies for the UK and took away his own country's human rights, Mrs Robinson did just the opposite. She is a respected campaigner for human rights the world over.

In concluding George says:

"It is the duty of a responsible Government to back a candidate that can enjoy the support of the majority, not the minority. In backing Mary Robinson over Tony Blair, the UK Government can show that the position of EU President is far too important to be governed by tribalism.

"There is already a great deal of scepticism over the position of EU President, we should not add to it by fuelling the fire with nepotism. That is the danger the UK faces by backing Blair.

"So, here's to you Mrs Robinson. You've got my vote. It's time you had Britain's too."

George has even got a petition on his website that you can sign if you hate the idea of President Blair as well, I already have.

*Requires Premium membership of the Scotsman website.


  1. What a shame! I came here thinking you were giving Iris a kicking. What a let down! The Mary bit should have warned me.

  2. Sorry if I've disappointed. Still think it is a darn fine read though. :)