Friday, 29 August 2008

Obama Stands Up To McCain

Yeah I'll admit I had my figurative anorak on as I sat in my bathrobe in the early hours watching Barak Obama's speech accepting the Democratic Party's nomination last night. Boy did he hit it to John McCain on a number of fronts.

He reminded McCain that Rossevelt and Kennedy were Democrats neither of whom were soft on homeland or overseas security. He also reminded him that Democrats are serving on tours of duty and are as patriotic as their Republican colleagues.

He also after laying out the sacrifices his family members made to ensure he had a good education to get where he was as a change to hit out at the charges of being a celebrity that have been aimed at him. As well as tackling McCain's definition of the middle classes earning less than $5 million.

He also laid out just what he meant by change. Giving tax breaks to the lower pair, providing world class education and health care to all. He noted that over 90% of the time McCain had voted with Bush and his view of change was only a 10% chance and not on the big important issues.

All in all it was a message that was taking the campaign to the next stage, prepared to take on McCain and prepared to take charge from day one once he gets into the White House.


  1. Yep, I'd say he pretty much nailed it.

    It'll take me a while to get the image of you in a bathrobe out of my mind though....!

  2. Eisenhower was a Republican. Look it up. The Democrats tried to court him in 48 but he was uninterested. He ran as and won as a moderate Republican in 52 and 56.

  3. You're quite right James I've just checked the text he said Roosevelt. I'll make the correction.

    As for you Jeff tut tut.

  4. Frankly if the choice was been Eisenhower and JFK foreign policy I'd go for Ike any day.
    I don't think FDR or JFK are liberals in the British sense.