Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Should you go out to the fringe tonight,
Espec'ly to Espionage.
Should you go out to the Fringe tonight
You'd better go in disguise.
For ever blogger that ever there was*
Is gath'ring at the Udderbelly because.
Tonight's the night, the Scottish bloggers** decided to meet up.

I'm no stranger to that strange quirk of turning up in locations to meet people who you have no other contact with except through the power of the world wide web. Indeed I travelled to London in the spring of 2000 to meet 41*** other members of the Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy website. Later that year at a Scottish version (with guest from Northern Ireland, and another from North England) I turned up, at least knowing three of the others from London and ended up meeting someone that day who dragged me across to Scotland and who I spent 5 years with. (Disclaimer: I'm not using this meet as a dating opportunity somebody might would complain) However, it will be fun to meet the people I happen to spend so much time arguing with debating the finer points of Scottish politics with.

*OK not quite that many of us

**OK Jeff decided and we all agreed it was a hoopy*** idea.

***If you don't know what hoopy is as in "That Stephen Glenn he's one really hoopy frood" here is the recommended reading list.

****If you don't know what hoopy is you may be slightly more aware of the significance of this number. If not read the reading list above.

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