Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Dear Prudence Gordon has Failed You

Well Gordon was to one to set the government's inflation target at 2% so his best friend, while Chancellor, prudence has been let down today when the Consumer Price Index went more than double that expectation hitting 4.4% while the Retail Price Index hit 5.6%. The government is going to have to start acknowledging that pay rises above their 2% inflation target are no longer inflation creating pay increase but inflation keeping up increases to enable people to carry on paying bills, buying food and generally getting on with life.

Food prices themselves were the main contributer to his rise and were up 13.7% over the least year. If only I had a garden or access to an allotment, there are currently none in West Lothian, I'd be able to make savings not just in my food bill but also in my foods contribution to my carbon footprint.

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