Thursday, 14 August 2008

Life, the Blogosphere, and Everything: SLJ's best bits 2007-8

Well Mr Wilcox has laid down a challenge for us all to go through our index of blog entries and highlight what we consider our best bits to help out on that category for best individual blog entry in the Lib Dem Blog of the year awards. So after careful introspection, a little self loathing and general walking down memory lane here are the ones I picked out. Keeping up the thread of the title and knowing that Alex is one of the pre-eminent Doctor Who fan Lib Dems (though aren't we all) my own favourite sci-fi forms a sort of common link. I actually prefer some of the titles to these links below over the original titles the blog entries actually got.

This Liberal's Guide to Civil Partnership and Registrars the counterargument to liberalism beliefs in civil partnerships and those of religion beliefs. A look at just how liberal our liberalism is.

The Restaurant at the end of PR. Hitting back at blogging Labour MP Tom Harris who felt that PR in local elections in Scotland is the root of Labour's problems rather than manifestation of where they have fallen.

Blood, Transfusion Service and Everything a take on the blood transfusion service making those who can't give blood feel really small at ad break time.

So Long and Thanks for all the Visits yeah my only entry on the Golden Dozen all year thanking Nicol Stephen's for his contribution to the party and looking to what was next.

Mostly Gormless a reaction to Iris Robinson's utterances on gayness being a curable illness.

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