Tuesday, 26 August 2008

And the Winner is...

Contrary to rumours which Jeff at SNP Tactical voting was starting to circulate Mike Rumbles is not the new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. That honour with 59% of the first preference votes goes to Tavish Scott. Ross Finnie was second with 21.3% with Mike Rumbles on 17.9%.

On a 61% turnout of party membership I hope that the winner does take onboard some of the issues and discussions raised by his opponents in taking hte party forward.


  1. You seem very excited about your new leader Stephen.

    Who did you vote for again?

  2. Well Jeff I'm going to over the next few days follow up in depth a couple of the themes that came up from the election.

    I voted for all three of course it was STV. ;)

  3. "I voted for all three of course it was STV."

    Brilliant answer.

  4. Yeah... nothing like a Lib Dem hedging there Stephen...

    I look forward to an exciting new future under Nicol Stephen the Second...

  5. "an exciting new future"...

    you've got to hand it to him, the boy has humour on his side...

  6. Brilliant answer and 100% true Jeff. Actually also used by Ross Finnie, I think, at the Edinburgh hustings.

    Malc I'm not hedging I'm a democrat and the party has spoken now I have to work with the party's selection going forward that's the whole joy of our party.

    Though for the record my votes was 2,1,3 from top to bottom of ballot paper.

  7. I just thought it funny that a Lib Dem appeared indecisive - or rather, liked all the options.

    Incidentally, I like STV. It's a fair way to select a leader and most (democratic) parties now use it.

    I don't believe you actually think it will be a joy, but maybe that's just use of language. Anyway, best of luck. You'll probably need it.