Sunday 13 November 2011

Let Tories without sin cast the first wreath

Please also read this update with a response from Mark Garnier on this issue.

There had been a lot of outrage from Tories about what a wreath of remembrance apparently laid by a Lib Dem with the logo of the party in the middle. Earlier when this outrage started I did a quick google search and screen grab.

As you can see it was from the website of Mark Garnier Conservative MP for Wyre Valley. If you look in the middle of his wreath you can make out a logo. Here is the close up.

The picture also included John Holden the Conservative Mayor of Kidderminster Council and his fellow Mitton Ward Conservative Councillor Michael Salter.

Once I raised this picture with some high profile Tories it has since been removed from the Tory MP's website.

I don't approve of any party using the wreath they lay as a party political statement. I understand that they are they to lay wreathes on behalf of all the constituents that have died in war and are there as civic leaders in our communities. But the politicising of the laying of wreathes this year has added a sour taste to what today should be; a day of remembrance. But it appears that no party is totally blameless, so led us learn the lesson for the next act of remembrance.

Update Monday 16:20 I have just been contacted by Mark Garnier's office who have informed me that this was a picture from 2009 when he was merely the Parliamentary Spokesperson and not the MP. I have offered him a right of reply which I will publish here as soon as I have received it.

Update 19:00 I have received the email and decided to write it into a separate blog post.


  1. Today, I attended the Whitburn Remembrance Day Parade in my new role of Cub Scout leader. Wonderfully observed and attended. Sad, but dignified.

    What was lacking was politics, either of party or referendum type. And let it stay that way in the future.

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  3. party using the wreath they lay as a party political statement.

    That was tasteless, they sholde be ashamed.

  4. Organisations like the Scouts often have wreaths with their insignia in the middle - I know that was often the case when I've attended Rememberance Sunday parades over the last decade. Is this tacky self-promotion? And if not, what's different about political parties, which after all are also community organisations?