Monday, 7 November 2011

Cheerio MTV it's been sound, so it is.

Well last night was the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast, the place has been a buzz all weeks with sightings of big music celebs all over the place. Well last night they were all gathered in the Odyssey Arena for the little shindig. Of course MTV are closing down most clips on Yoputube.

First up, and I make no excuse for combining two guilty pleasures, it is the winners of the Global Idol award Queen with Adam Lambert on vocals.

But the BBC do have some images of the rest of the show as do the Belfast Telegraph.

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  1. Ah... I remember when the MTV Europe Music Awards were in Edinburgh... the place was abuzz with rumours of who was staying where: Timberlake was in The Scotsman, JLo had a floor in the Balmoral and no-one was to look her in the eye, someone else was at the Sheraton... etc etc. Happy days!