Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Five on the Fifth-ish November 2011

I may be a little late for what turns out to the be the penultimate Five on the Fifth hosted by Stephen. But I had a rather hectic week helping two friends move as well as a hectic time getting applications off for jobs so here, better late than never is my contribution to November's Five on the Fifth. The theme was movement but I may end up digressing here somewhat.

Heading toward the Mournes and the highest point of Northern Ireland is in the middle

I had to move my nephew slightly so he wasn't in front of his reflection in this reflective ball to get the shot I wanted

 This bin for collecting dogs' movements had been illegally moved, but people still acted like it was there. (Yes this was the politician in me!)

 With a spot of wind  these sails might move but the street won't be going anywhere. Each of these has the name of a White Star LineVessel to the road side of them, yes one is for the Titanic.
 Finally this boat heading out of Belfast Harbour under the railway bridge and Queen Elizabeth II Bridge carrying the M3 motorway.

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