Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Two Legends Show Families of 96 They'll Never Walk Alone #YNWA

Regular readers will know that as a Liverpool fan of some 36 years there is one newspaper that I don't even mention let alone link to on this blog. Although its namesake has been very welcome in our sky the last few days and long may it remain visible.

Well two heros of the Kop have put the reason that Liverpool fans and players boycott that publication before personal gain when they were invited to host RTÉ's Premier Soccer Sunday. So it is hats off to Ronnie Whelan and Ray Houghton two of the players from the team on that day at Hillsborough. That certain newpaper was sponsoring the show that the Liverpool and Republic of Ireland greats had been due to appear in.

These two are saying to the fans and the relatives of the Hillsborough 96 You'll Never Walk Alone as we're walking there with you all the way.

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