Sunday, 3 April 2011

Not in My Name: In Memoriam to Constable Ronan Kerr 2 April 2011

Not again poor Omagh
Not more young life wiped out.
Not in our name most people say
Except some who don't see what we're all about.
We don't want this continuity
We want a shared future, we want it now
What we want is normality.
Is that too much to for our children to know?

There are those standing side by side
They’ve stretched their hands across the divide
They are working together for the peace of all
They rise up today, together appalled
At a life so young, so fresh in his new job
Wiped up by the undemocratic opinion of the yobs
Who don’t care for peace but only live for war
In a Norn Iron we don't want anymore.

Not in my name did they kill Ronan Kerr.
Not in the name of the many standing here
Catholic and Protestant, native born or elsewhere,
Or whatever community we wish to declare.
Were standing together demanding this peace.
So Neanderthal eejits, stop this war! Hold yer weest!
Catch yerself on and get in on the act
We're all looking forward so stop looking back.

© Stephen Glenn 2 April 2011

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