Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gerry Adams Statement on Ronan Kerr

It's not everyday that I link to a video clip of Gerry Adams, but having listened to his statement in the Dáil Éireann yesterday, I am moved to do so.

He talks about the feelings in the North as a result of the murder on Saturday. He talks about the need to take things forward in a democratic matter and through the peace process.

One thing I am shocked by the the emptiness of the majority of the chamber with only the Sinn Féin benches being full. This is something that does affect all of Ireland and I praise Sinn Féin for actually bringing this to the floor of the Dáil, but the lack of support from the rest of the elected representatives is shocking, I hope it was not political point scoring at Sinn Féin without thinking about the wider consequences of a peace together. Sadly it did look like Sinn Féin were themselves largely alone at a time when they were actually reaching out for the good of the many.

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