Friday, 15 April 2011

Poems for the Ninety Six #YNWA

Two years ago I did one of my simpliest yet most emmotional blogposts ever. All it was was the lyrics of one show song adopted on terraces and a list of 96 neames with the ages they were on a sunny afternoon in Sheffield 22 years ago.

It is a regularly visited blogpost ever since especially about the 15th April. This year to mark my love for Liverpool FC I'm found some poems on YouTube about the 96 and that afternoon in Sheffield. ***warning*** have a tissue to hand I did when I first played these and every time since.

And more

One final tribute on this day is the 20th Anniversary reworking of the Kop anthemThe Fields of Anfield Road which was released two years ago, with the addition of a Hillsborough verse to add to those for Shanks and Paisley. I'm not sure if we ever see Kenny Dalglish shouting "And could he play!" in the response to the line "Where one we watched the King Kenny play". But the Liverpool collective included many of the players who were on the pitch that day 22 years ago, this is their tribute and ongoing contribution to the families of the 96.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Hillsbourgh, 15 April 1989

Postscript: Also two years ago I wrote about the final part of the journey I never made on that day. Recently I stood on the same platform, waiting to make the same journey, to find myself surrounded by as many police as were around that day, not for football but for a party conference. It was also a sunny day but I stood for a moment to remember them, the 96, there where I'd been 22 years ago and not been back until that day.

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