Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Quote of the Day: Hazel Blears

In her resignation statement she said (amongst other stuff):

"Most of all I want to help the Labour Party to reconnect with the British people, to remind them that our values are their values, that their hopes and dreams are ours too."

Sorry! I'm just picking myself off the floor after that bit about values.

In Livingston that means it don't matter if the dodgy geezer in the pub offers to do work for you, turns up in an unmarked white van and gets paid cash in hand. Or you know the landlord is an ex-joiner you can charge for non-existent shelving these values are OK. Plus you can buy stuff at the tax payers expense which has already been bought at the tax payers expense only for them to be replaced by the seller at the tax payers expense what a Devine circle of events.

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