Monday, 29 June 2009

LDV Weekend Meme: fantasy liberal cabinet

Oh dear one of the chores of being in the preceeding week's Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen is actually being singled out and named to partake in the LDV Weekend Meme*. But it is an intersting one set by Stephen Tall a fantasy Lib Dem-Liberal-SDP Cabinet. A cabinet of all our talents alive or dead.

Roy Jenkins – Prime Minister
Vincent Cable – Chancellor of the Exchequer
William Gladstone – Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Nick Clegg – Home Secretary
Menzie Campbell – Justice
William Beveridge – Work & Pensions
Jo Grimmond – Health
Shirley Williams – Education
Chris Huhne – Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Lynne Featherstone – Energy and Climate Change
David Lloyd George - President of the Board of Trade
Bill Rodgers – Transport
Winston Churchill – Defence
Paddy Ashdown – International Development
David Penhaligon – Communities and Local Government
David Steel – Constitutional Affairs
Clement Freud – Culture, Media and Sport
John Pardoe – Chief Secretary to the Treasury
Russell Johnston - Europe

I've added in couple of posts that LDV didn't include, Trade and Europe.

*As. opposed to being including in the catch all 'All Lib Dem Bloggers'


  1. Well, at least yours isn't QUITE as much of an oestrogen-free zone as Stephen's. But how ANYONE could put someone other than El Presidente in charge of local govt...

  2. Eek! I'd forgotten the Baroness Scott. I was too busy messing around with the green benches and once I determined that the best PM this country never had was PM I had to fit a few rather peeved offed leaders in somewhere.

    I also ran through quite a comprehensive list of our female MPs down the years to think of worthy inclusions in the list. I would have a fair number of the current intake as Ministers of State amongst this lot.

  3. I echo what Jennie says - flippin' eck, 17 men, 2 women. Not good.

    I think I've something like 14/10

  4. Wot no Charles K??????? And I agree with Jennie and Caron, too few women.