Monday, 8 June 2009

Euro Election Reflections 2

When George Lyon is formally declared as the eleventh Liberal Demorcat MEP later today he will actually be in a minority. He will be one of five male Lib Dem MEPs to the six women who will be representing us.

Last week on one of my colleagues blogs or Facebook, and just now I can't recall which, somebody complained that the Lib Dems by not using zipped lists and proportionality were not getting a balance of people. Well without doing so we have achieved sexual parity. Sarah Ludford in London, Fiona Hall in the North East, Liz Lynne in the North East, Diana Wallis in Yorkshire and Humber. Even in the one region we returned two MEPs, the South East, they are both women Sharon Bowles and Catherine Bearder.

It shows that women can indeed rise to the top and I know there is still work to be done to encourage more to the surface in key and winnable Westminster and Holyrood seats, but we are a party that recognises talent and that is something to be proud of.

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