Monday, 8 June 2009

Euro Election Reflections 1

I'm doing do some more in depth comment later. But for now here is one personal reflection on the count last night.

I was attending the Falkirk Count, good solid Labour territory you would think. However, there was only one Labour representative in the hall as the votes were being counted, Cathy Peattie the MSP for Falkirk East. Now as a Lib Dem in some of the darker parts of the central belt for two Euros in a row now I've been the only Lib Dem at my count (although Kevin McPhillips had company over at Livingston for West Lothian) but this is the first time I've ever seen a solitary Labour count agent.

I think that speaks volumes for the mire that Labour are finding themselves in if they cannot muster activists to even stand in the warmth of Grangemouth Sports Complex for a few hours.

I know there are exceptions like Kez and my own cousin down in Cumbria but from what I've witnessed Labour activists have been very thin on the ground. That is even in comparison with just 5 years ago and the last Euros.

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  1. i hope Eric Joyce was not at the count in Falkirk - think of his his expenses claim.....

    but hey, Falkirk is his main place of residence, his second home is in London....where his wife lives, his kids are educated!!!

    I think the Bairns have Labour well and truly sussed now - a party that dumped Denis Canavan as not good enough and then gave them Joyce...a NATO plant , and Denis Goldie, ( ...a ??) if they gotten their way. Cause even on a bad bad night, Falkirk stands out as a particular disaster for labour