Saturday, 4 June 2011

Two Heart Attacks in Edinburgh on the same night

Yesterday of course everyone of us Liberal Democrats heard the tragic news about Andrew Reeves. Before I'd gone to sleep the night before I was chatting away to one of my friends from Edinburgh who was at home looking after his convalescing father, after himself being the victim of a vicious attack in recent weeks.

At about midnight he said his father was starting to suffer the signs of yet another heart attack, his third it turned out, and would have to go. I was  getting occasional messages from him at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary until the small hours. Little did I know that while his father was using the cardiac facilities at that hospital another friend would be heading there too. As far as my friend told me there were only two cardiac cases in the A&E that night, by a bizarre quirk of fate I knew both.

So it was that yesterday morning though I was preparing myself for bad news it wasn't the news that we all received. But when my friend finally contacted me later in the day it was to say that his father had made it through the night and was demanding some fresh pyjamas, a new toothbrush and the paper. But he also said he may well have seen Andrew as he was rushed into another room by the cardiac team.

Yesterday was a truly bizarre day and one of mixed emotions, made none the less worse than two people I know being there in the same small part of the ERI going through different outcomes of the same event.

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