Thursday, 7 October 2010

National Poetry Day - Home

Today is National Poetry Day and the theme this year is Home. However, as you may be aware from my recent posts that means a lot of different things to me, that come out in this poem. So this is a story from comtemplating teen suicide, though coming out, to being who I am today.


Home is where the demons lived
Home is where I moped.
Home is where I first thought shit!
It's time to bring an end to it.

Home is where they bullied me
Home was from where I had to flee.
Home held many bad memories
For that younger me.


Home was where I first returned
When the times got rough.
Home is where I turned to mum and dad
Saying enough's enough.

No more secrets, no more lies
Your son is gay you see.
Home is where I found you love
Cos you both accepted me.


Home is where I'm at once again
Father's gone he's out of pain.
Home is where I'm stronger now
Than in that first refrain.

Home is where it's better now
Than twenty four years ago.
Home has changed a lot since then
And so have I you know.

Home is where I now can give
Those years of lessons learnt.
Home is where I'm glad to still be alive
Not a short wick fatally burnt.

Home is where the heart is
Whether that heart is full of joy or pain.
But those you love will love you truly
Time and time again.

© Stephen Glenn
7 October 2010


  1. I feel odd saying that I love this poem given the pain that is expressed in the earlier stanzas, but I do actually properly love this. Thanks for posting it.

  2. @gyronny you're welcome there are many more where those came from in the boxes you helped transport from Scotland

    @Jacq I suppose if it had all been as morbid as the earlier stanzas that would have been odd. But it is the cresendo of hope and confidence that makes it possibly.

  3. It sounds to me as though you still need a quiet hug. As a comparative stranger I offer you one.