Sunday, 10 October 2010


As regular readers will now from the 2009 Total Politics until the announcement of this year's results, this blog counted in binary. It does help being a maths geek when you come 11, 11 and 101 respectively. Well today is another day when binary rules, ultimately across the galaxy and through life.


Let me explain.

Today's date in 10/10/10 or just plain old 101010. It works in Europe or America or Asia. We all get it the same way round no confusion.

In binary that is 1x2 plus 1x8 plus 1x32. Or 2+8+32=42.

As all well travelled and read economy travellers through our Galaxy know that is the ultimate answer, the answer to life, the universe and everything. There is of course still some conjecture as to what the actual question is, but never mind that for now.

Therefore today you may see people walking around carrying their towel. Don't Panic! They have not just* gone mad. Indeed if they know where their towel is yet you don't on certain planets in the galaxy there sanity as well as preparedness index is well ahead of yours.

Me and my Towel are heading off to Belfast later for a screening of a film. I may well slip out wearing my dressing gown and slippers, for reasons that to some of you will be obviously apparent.

So long for now, thanks for all the fish.

Normal service will be resumed on 111010 (Europe) 101110 (USA) 101011 (Asian).

* For legal reasons I've been advised to include the word just some of these people are clearly mad but it isn't a recent occurance other are quite obviously sane indeed some run science labs, space programmes, countries. On the other hand other's have said that such professions require a certain degree of insanity.

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