Friday, 15 October 2010

Historic Star and Garter Burns

At the eastern end of Linlithgow's High Street stood the iconic Star and Garter Hotel. It had been on the site for over 250 years having first been established in 1759. It's familiar black corner brinks had given it a distinctive outline to the whitewashed walls.

This morning at about 7am a fire broke out in a first floor linen cupboard and rapidly spread to the second floor and then roof. The proximity to the railway station in the town and it's position at the junction of the Edinburgh Road, Blackness Road and High Street and proximity to the railway station caused chaos to this morning's rush hour. The station was not reopened until 12:30.

It is always a disaster when fire takes an historic building and it is too early to determine what will become of the site. But with the open floors collapsed and a large amount of water damage to timbers elsewhere it will not be a easy task to restore the building to its working state.

As a bowler and on an historic note the West Lothian Bowling Association was founder in the Star and Garter in 1882.

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  1. Ma heart's fair breakin th'day. Ah passed the Star last night efter a wee stroll roond the Peel. Ah looked up at the Star an thocht whit a braw buildin it wis, how it had stood there fer sae mony year, how it wis there afore the railway, afore the canal, afore aw the cars.

    The sun wis shinin an it looked sae bonnie...