Friday, 2 July 2010

They May Take Our Lives, But Never our...ANDY!!

So David Cameron lowered the flag of St. George over Downing Street on Monday as the English football team headed home after failing to end 44 years of hurt.

But now the tabloids are trying to persuade the English football faithful that Dunblane born Andy is actually English. Why? Because his maternal grandmother was both to a Berwick-Upon-Tweed solicitor and his York born wife.

So taking into consideration the dispute that the town to the north of the Tweed is actually Scottish and that it's designation has changed so often through history. That would leave Andy's mum Judy's mother, Eileen Edney being the offspring of indisputably English* Joyce Anderson.

So lets apply laws that England football fans and FIFA understand: so that rules out offside and what constitutes a valid goal. To qualify to play for you nation you have to have been born or have one of your parents or grandparents born in that country. For Andy Murray that is seven counts of Scotland.

Guess Andy isn't an English Rose after all, but that doesn't stop the whole of the UK supporting him, so he can be a thorn in Rafa Nadal's Championship hopes this afternoon.

Also if Downing Street can take down the English flag after a team goes out in the last 16 of a major tournament why aren't they raising the Saltire in honour of a Brit from another part of the United Kingdom who is two games further on and looking to get to the final ending either 72 or 74 years of hurt since we had a home grow finalist (Bunny Austin '1938) or winner (Fred Perry 1936).

* Hang on isn't York a Viking kingdom? Especially with a name like Anderson?

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