Monday, 5 July 2010

I Could Be Shameless, But I'm a Little Vote Weary

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You know I've spent too much of recent months asking people to vote for me.

First there was the Westminster election. Then there was the shortlisting panel for Edinburgh Central who in their wisdom made for a very interesting contest (including me). Then it was the Liberal Democrats of Edinburgh Central and it may not be over yet of course.

So therefore I'm all out of shamelessly asking people to vote for me. I know that in recent months I have been very busy with all of the above and this blog has suffered as a result. But as Iain Dale is asking for your votes for the annual Total Politics Blog of the Year Award may I ask one small favour.

I want to finish ahead of the Stephen Glenn Position©. This is about a full year and there has been some good stuff. As well as an awful lot of it. Like when I was laying into Jan Moir's unpology over her Stephen Gately comment. For the sake of balance I also laid into Stonewall for their hypocrisy about some gay people who wish, for whatever reason, to keep that private. There was also my concern over the extreme right American Family Association's personal hygiene over something they wrote.

Warning for Caron don't click next link*. There was also the story of Kerry Robertson and her baby Ben snatched from her in Ireland by Fife Council. I also stood up for Science in the face of Labour's flat earth society. And oh so much more.

But as ever dear reader I leave it up to you. After all some of you may be getting me asking you to for for me far too often over the next few months if you haven't already.

* At least not without copious amounts of tissues.

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