Monday, 9 March 2015

Passing the baton to Emma Farthing-Sykes

I first meet Emma Sykes as she was then during the 2010 General Election during a visit to the Edinburgh North and Leith constituency office. She had come in to volunteer to help my friend Kevin Lang try and get elected against Labour's Mark Lazarowicz.

At the start of her volunteering I don't think she quite knew what to expect, but apparently she keep turning up on her bike and getting more and more involved in the campaign the nearer we got towards election day. However, on that election campaign she met someone she would end up falling in love with, the wonderful Dan, as well as what it takes to be a candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

For most of the last five years I have kept up with her from afar, via Facebook or catching up at conferences either Scottish or Federal, which has included seeing her speak from the platform on issues.

I see that Emma Farthing-Sykes is the new prospective parliamentary candidate for Linlithgow and East Falkirk and I would encourage those who have voted for me in the last two general elections to vote for Emma this time. I know that after 2010 some of you did say that while you might not vote for any Liberal Democrat you would vote for me. But knowing Emma as I do if I were still able to vote in Bathgate, as I did five years ago, I would have no problem in voting for Emma as I know she would carry on the ideas and beliefs of the guy who wore the Liberal Democrat rosette the last two general elections.

She came into my party full of that enthusiasm that led many to join us in the run up to 2010, and instead of growing disillusioned as many did when we entered Government in coalition she jumped in and started to see what further liberal principles could be implemented.

I'm passing the baton to someone who is determined to not let the torch of liberalism be extinguished in our country. I wish her every success on 7 May.

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