Saturday, 7 March 2015

Five years ago Scottish Lib Dems passed motion supporting Equal Marriage

Five years ago at this time I was waiting at the front of the Perth Concert Hall waiting for the final day of the Scottish Liberal Democrats spring conference to get under way. I had been in the refreshment area outside the main auditorium for most of the previous hour going over not just my amendment relating to Transgender issues but also with Kieran Leach who was moving the main motion and Derek Young who was moving the amendment for humanist celebrants. For this was the day that we as a parted started to actually have a policy on marriage equality.

Bizarrely for me I didn't take a lot of time to blog about the debate, nor did I actually blog my speech. I think my comments on the conference as a whole that I was knackered probably sums up how I was feeling. It was the culmination of months of preparation that finally it was passed. I think I also didn't get out of the hall completely after the debate before I felt I had to make a comment about integrated education.

But I also know that I spent a lot of the earlier part of conference gauging the mode about passing this historic motion. It was in doing this that I added to my opening remarks how I welcomed the motion as a Christian who happened to be gay, as it was allowing all people of faith freedom of expression of their faith.

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