Friday, 6 February 2015

Making a messy bed for Peter Robinson #ConscienceClause

Paul Givan last night of BBC's The View and again on the radio during this morning's Stephen Nolan Show said he wanted to extend his conscience clause to allow B&B owners to deny unmarried heterosexual couples as well. The reason of course is because allowing them to share a bed, or room, or even the same establishment (people can move rooms or beds in the night you know) would conflict with deeply held beliefs.

However, I've just thought of one issue that he has just created for his own party's leader. When the time comes for Peter Robinson to replaced the tax payer funded marital bed (see the Daily Telegraph c. 2010) will he be able to get one from a Christian run furniture store. The issue of course lies not with Mr Robinson himself, but with Mrs Robinson. It is rumoured that some of the affair that led to her leaving public office and largely public life took place in said bed.

Could something like this mean no Robinson bed?
To replace this a Christian store owner could deny selling the Robinson's a new bed, not just for their marital bed but for any room of the house. The store owner may not have surety that the bed would not be used for purposes that conflict with their deeply held religious beliefs. After all there is someone who had admitted to adultery in the household and there is no guarantee that the new bed might not be used for adultery yet again. Because these Christian business owners that Paul Givan wants to protect can't seem to see beyond the label and consider behaviour. After all a same-sex couple looking to stay in a B&B may well be a married couple (elsewhere in the UK or other nations that recognise same-sex marriage), yet even the unmarried heterosexual could be turned away.

So I'm sorry to break the news to the First Minister but under the expenses scandal he has got himself a bed that he may have to keep unless he can a store owner with no conscience objections to selling him a new one. Maybe Ann Summers around the corner from Ashers could put him in touch with someone.

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