Saturday, 1 June 2013

Who next?

I seem to remember posting something similar as a title in 2009/10 when David Tennent announced that he was stepping out of the Tardis.

I was also one of those who having watched Party Animals when the answer was finally revealed knew that Matt Smith knew that the new choice then would be a good addition to the eclectic fusion of the 10 previous TV incarnations of the Doctor.

So the question is who next?

Could it be a Ginger Actor?

After all there have been post regeneration comments about 'still not ginger' in the rebooted franchise. So maybe a ginger actor.

Could it be a woman?

When David regenerated into Will, one of the first reactions to the new hair was 'I'm a woman!' before further checks proved otherwise. So there is a clearly now defined the possibility that the gender of a Time Lord is not predetermined to remain continuous for each regeneration.

Now obviously there is one ginger woman who has an intimate knowledge of the Doctor. So could Alex Kingston be the next Doctor? Is there another twist in the River Pond/Melody Pond saga that we do not know yet. Don't forget there are pages in River's diary that The Doctor has yet to know about. So what if River is actually The Doctor in an future form, who merely took on the name of Amelia Pond's daughter in a way to interact with a predecessor.

Maybe too far fetched even for the Moff.

But I'm going to throw some names out there:

Andrew Lincoln - Egg in  This Life and Simon Casey in Teachers. However as he is currently appearing as Rick Grimes in the US series The Walking Dead which was announced as being renewed for a fourth season at the end of last year, so prying the star away, even at the end of that to start shooting might be too big a hiatus for Doctor Who fans who will be wanting new stories by spring of next year.

Russell Tovey - Of course Russell was last seen in the Doctor Who episode The End of Time when Midshipman Alonso Frame (previously seen on the Starship Titanic) was being chatted up by Captain Jack Sparrow. Of course Doctor Who have used actresses who have appeared elsewhere as companions, both Freeya Agyeman and Jenna-Louise Coleman (?) seemed to have appeared as another character before they became the companion. But it is rather out of character for the same to apply for the Doctor him/herself. Update: Overnight a friend did point out the exception to prove the rule Colin Baker had appeared as Commander Maxil in Arc of Infinity during his predecessor Peter Davison's stint in the Tardis.

Paterson Joseph - was in the frame last time and the Peep Show and William and Mary actor was then widely tipped as being the first non-white Doctor. He has of course already appeared in Doctor Who as Roderick in the Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways episodes so has the same issue as Tovey above of no Doctor has previously appeared elsewhere in the cannon.

Rupert Grint - well he is ginger. The former Harry Potter Actor may be two years younger than Matt Smith was when he was announced as the eleventh Doctor but he has spent ten of the last twelve years in front of some very big cinema audiences while doing other work.

Tim Minchin - not an obvious choice but the comedian and musician does live here (after been born in Northampton to Australian parents). He's another ginger option and could bring a comic turn to the Doctor once again.

Finally if the Alex Kingston option is too far fetched and incestuous, there is another ginger actress who has been appearing a lot in BBC produced series who might fit the bill - Gillian Anderson. She appeared in the Crimson Petal and the White, Great Expectations and currently The Fall. However, while another series of The Fall has been commissioned she is also signed up for an upcoming US TV action/thriller series Crisis which is due to debut in January 2014. So there would be further contractual and scheduling issues to get the former X-Files actress to become The Doctor.

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