Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bowls at Midnight

As you read this I shall be out on the bowling green about to START playing bowls. Yes, here as we near the longest day of the year it is possible to play bowls at midnight. In fact it has been possible to see the outline of the roof next door against the sky for a number of weeks at midnight recently.

Kirkwall Bowling Club
This will be a knew experience. I have played bowls at midnight in the past, but most often in some church or community hall somewhere around the country as we were getting toward the point of qualifying for a finals night. I've played to near 10 in the outdoors but in Northern Ireland it was getting dark about then. This will be different.

Update for the record I was playing skip against my third from the previous night's Argo Cup win and beat him by a shot, with a nicely drawn bowl by me in the last end after midnight. With the cloud cover it was worse than one of those late night rearranged games we used to play on the Bangor Irish Cup runs.

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