Saturday, 27 August 2011

I can't be in two places at once

I'd rather be up in Londonderry/Derry right now like I was last August taking part in the Foyle Pride Parade. But As you can see from the league table below, every point, indeed every shot counts before we at North Down take on Markethill next week.

As it is I'll be in Carrickfergus for the penultimate game of the season. However, I will be up in Northern Ireland's second city a day too late tomorrow delivering wedding presents ahead of a wedding in two weeks time.

To everyone taking part in Foyle Pride today hope you have a good, safe day. As for the protestors remember that Jesus loves them too, just pass on his love to them.

Wish I was there walking from the Train Station to Guild Hall Square like last year.

Foyle Pride 2010

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