Monday, 17 May 2010

Robert Tannahill

On this day 200 years ago the body of Robert Tannahill was found in a culvert in Paisley, he had taken his own life. Like another famous Robert he was a poet and indeed was in the eyes of some comparable to Scotland's bard.

Here is one of his poems.


The rough hail rattles thro' the trees.
The sullen lift low'rs gloomy gray,
The trav'ller sees the swelling storm,
And seeks the alehouse by the way.

But, waes me! for yon widowed wretch,
Borne doun wi years an heavy care;
Her sapless fingers scarce can nip
The wither'd twigs tae beet her fire.

Thus youth and vigour fends itsel;
Its help, reciprocal, is sure,
While dowless Eild, in poortith cauld,
Is lanely left tae stan the stoure.

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  1. Interesting post. I grew up in Paisley, and my primary school was adjacent to Tannahill's cottage, as pictured on the BBC page to which you link. I remember having to trot round & chap the door to ask for our ball back after it had been kicked over the fence into the cottage garden. There are various spots associated with Tannahill around Gleniffer Braes, like the Bonnie Wee Well. I didn't know anything about his death though.