Friday, 21 May 2010

It's do you feel like?

Well it is that time on a Friday and 5pm so we know what that means. Time for a little indulgence as the weekend kicks in. Earlier this year while researching something else I came up with the first one of today's clips, found it coincided with Friday and so here you have it, a rather eclectic mix.

Earlier this year we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his release but 49 years ago Nelson Mandela gave his first interview to the outside world about the struggle in South Africa. ITN's Brian Widlake is doing the questioning.

There have been close links between South Africa and India for generation. For a start M.K. Ghandi was once a lawyer in South Africa before he returned with the aim of freedom for his own people.

Therefore the fact that 20 years after Mandela gave that interview we also witnessed the assassination of the former President of India Rajiv Ghandi (no relation to the Mahatma) here is a pictorial illustration of his last minutes.

On a brighter note (maybe) to conclude today is also Leo Sayers 62nd birthday. What does that make you feel like?

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