Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Let Them Watch Some Tele Tony

I have come to the conclusion that Tony is preventing his MPs from watching too much Television.

If you remember last week Harriett Harman said she had other things to do rather than watch Sir Menzies Campbell's speech at the Lib Dem conference. Now possibly that would have been pass remarkable only she was appearing on Question Time that evening and surely even the most junior researcher working for the Labour Party would have be able to remind her to watch it as cribbing for that evenings appearance on a national TV show talking about the politics of the week.

However, last night on Newsnight Scotland it appears that David Cairns MP from Inverclyde also appears to have had his television rights withdrawn by Head Boy A.C.L. Blair. If his comments are to be believed he is mistaking what Labour are currently spurting out as being the only radical policy that is coming out of Scotland. He must have missed how much of what the Scottish Parliament has acheived in the last 7 and bit years has actually not come from his party's policies but from the Liberal Democrats. He actually went on to alude to two items strangely missing from the 2003 Labour Manifesto for Scotland, however you will find them here.

Image from 'Campaign Against Climate Change'
How I think he's been missing being allowed to turn on the television is that he singled out the Liberal Democrats saying we were unable to make hard decisions. So he must have missed out how Jo Swinson set out those hard decisions made and acted on my Lib Dems in Scotland at last weeks conference. He also must have missed the news that the Lib Dems are the only party to have set out plans for taxation to tackle climate change. Considering how little detail and how much waffle the Chancellor of the last 8 and a half years had to say about this issue I think objective observers will know just who is avoiding making the hard decisions.


  1. Bless you for your admirable trait of seeing the best in people.

    I'm sure Harriet Harman saw just as much of Ming's speech as she saw of Charles' - that is, the bits her minders gave her in her media digest.

    She claimed to have enjoyed Charles' but been too bored by the thought to watch Ming's for exactly the reason that, in September 1999, she would have claimed to have been uplifted by Paddy's but didn't bother watching Charles' because it would have been too lightweight.

    It's because the only time someone as shamelessly partisan as Ms Harman will ever pretend to praise an opponent is when they're safely out of the way and can be used as a stick with which to beat a more dangerous one... ;-)

  2. Probably hitting the nail on the head there Alex, but of course she dare not mention that her media digest gave her some keys points from Ming's sppech, that she'd need to be wary of that night.

    So she took the easy option and brushed the entire thing under the carpet. And to think Labour tend to accuse us of avoiding tough decisions, oh deary me.