Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Ashers Roadshow audeince don't care about impact on ALL Christians

So I see that this evening in Portadown a hall was full with people apparently to raise concern about the impact on the life of the owners of Ashers ahead of the Supreme Court ruling on this case.

This I will keep short and sweet. Have any of the 100s who were gathered ever taken a stand for any member of their church community who has come out as LGB or T? I know I am not the only Christian in Northern Ireland who has been condemned by their own church for their so called "lifestyle" and yes that was the word used to me. Something that I never brought up in the church environment in a public platform but always discussed on a one to one basis, when needed or asked. Something that was brought to an emergency Session meeting that took many elders, especially one my mother, totally by surprise.

This is happening all the time and sadly happening to people who unlike me aren't as prepared for what will happen. People who don't have a network both of fellow Christians and others who will provide the support. People who haven't come to their own peace with their faith and sexuality.

The roadshow rolls on and tomorrow will be in my home town within site of a place I once considered taking my own life because of the condemnation of comments such as this from Christians. That is the impact that these people should be thinking of.

PS as far as I am aware none of the locations that are hosting these meetings this week are actually endorsing the message of the Christian Institute, the McArthur family and Ashers bakery they are just providing them with a means to express their view.

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