Saturday, 5 December 2015

How about we integrate ourselves?

Today in Belfast of all places there was a small protest of about 40 unionists protestants loyalists idiots. The protest was against the arrival of refugees. They has a banner which read "Ulster says no to refugees" followed by "charity begins at home" there was another banner saying "Muslims don't integrate they want to dominate"

The same should be said for integration starting at home. After all their were marching in a city that still has 47 peace walls because the people seem incapable of integrating. And that is merely with people of the same race, mainly following the same religious book and with generations of ancestors all born on the same island often more integrated than the current generation.

As for domination when you consider the make up the protesters who probably would fully support the DUP using petitions of concern to block LGBT equality, abortion. Yeah these are the dominant ones and non-integrators. If they really want to integrate in Northern Ireland they should look nearer at home and look at the divisions that some of their opinions and outlook causes.

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  1. Look on the bright side, Stephen, at least they agree about something! Perhaps the should be a new slogan - something like "United in bigotry!"