Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tories show true colours and ditch being fair to society

As a Liberal Democrat there is one thing I need to say about the first Conservative poster of the 2015 election campaign:

Yeah that is right for years they have talked the coalition Liberal Democrat mantra "A Stronger Economy and a Fairer Society", so in their first attempt to distance themselves from their Liberal Democrat partners they turn their backs on being fair to society.

Therefore just as in the 2010 manifesto look out for them making pledges to cut the tax burden on the richest and very little to assist the poorest.

While yesterday Ed Miliband was going on about how he was going to be fairer to society while at the same time continuing to cut spending in some departments but little to say about strengthening the economy. Only the Liberal Democrats will continue to work towards doing both simultaneously rather the swings and roundabouts of the Labservative agendas.

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