Wednesday, 5 November 2014

UKIP and (some) Tories prepared to lose £2bn a year from UK economy

Today's report on the net contribution of EU migrants makes for chilling reading, if you think that the Eurosceptics will have their way.

Some of the facts:

  • Between 2001 and 2011, European arrivals contributed £20bn and those from outside Europe £5bn
  • Since 2004 the arrivals from the 10 new EU member states added £4.96bn more in taxes in the years to 2011 than they took out in public services
Yeah it is another set of evidence that some Tories and certainly UKIP are failing to recognise exists. Indeed it comes to a £2bn net contribution to the UK economy (simply through taxation) that they are prepared to throw away. This does not account for the jobs that these people actually contribute to our well being and all the goods and services they purchase with their income outside of the taxes they pay.

The fact that those newer nations, some of which David Cameron was even wary to allow the full freedom of movement that all EU citizens (including us in the UK) are allowed to enjoy, are also net contributors to our economy. They are not spongers in fact quite the opposite, they are young, fit and healthy and willing to work, if the work is not there they move elsewhere to find more. The opposite is true of most UK emigrants to the rest of the EU. They are largely older, take up more of the public services in the warmer nations they reside in and contribute little through taxation.

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