Monday, 15 July 2013

Very Proud to be a Lib Dem today

Every so often a little seed germinates into a glorious bloom.

I remember sitting with a few members of Liberal Youth Scotland a few years ago and talking about the possibility of what an equal marriage motion for conference should look like. We discussed how to overcome the religious objections and maintain the equality message that LGB and T individuals would be seeking. Within that group I was somewhat of the expert in both sides of the debate and able to help with the questions and difficulties that the Transgender community faced.

Initially this policy was only passed in Scotland but later a similar motion was passed by the Federal party and today it reaches the third reading in the House of Lords.

When I saw on Facebook the headline from Pink News that the Lords third reading may even pass without a vote I clicked immediately to read the article and was even more impressed by what I saw:

Yeah I'm a very proud Liberal Democrat today and delighted for the small part I have played in helping to deliver this to England and Wales. I know that Scotland is not very far behind but I do yearn for the day that the part of the UK I grew up in, Northern Ireland will follow suit. As it stands once Equal Marriage comes in across England, Wales and Scotland were I to get married to another man, whenever I take him home to see my family he would not be my husband but merely my civil partner. Along with many of the issues regarding Transgendered individuals this is one of my biggest heartbreaks about the passing of this Bill today, it is far from complete equal marriage across the UK on both counts and those of us who have fought to bring it so far must realise that there is still work to be done.

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