Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Strictly Without Brian!

Look I know it's not politics and I know that on the day that the final Big Brother* starts I am in the midst of a serious selection process for Edinburgh Central, but I would be true myself, my blog or you my readers if I didn't say:

Yeah Brian Fortuna is quitting the show after the producers wanted to bring in changes meaning that some of the pros would only be there as professional-only show dancers and not in the mentoring role that they have had since the show was brought back to our screens.

What are Cardiff Blogger and I to do now that Brain is on the West End Stage? Are season tickets available for Burn the Floor?

Burn the Floor is the show that he and his 2009 Celebrity semi-final partner Ali Bastion will be hitting the West End with while one of the the choreographers of that show Robin Windsor is joining Jared Murillio (principal dancer in the first two High School the Musical movies) and Latin champion Artem Chigvintsev a So You Think You Can Dance graduate. know....having just searched Google images I think there is plenty of fresh new male totty coming in to keep everyone happy. I may have to show you later.

Update: As promised a few pics and gratuitous chest exposure.

Robin Windsor

Jared Murillo

Artem Chigvintsev

*And this is not a casual reference to the Channel 4 programme.

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