Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Queen's Speech Lie on Scotland

Only last week the Queen was made to read these words from her Government:

"In Scotland, my government will take forward proposals in the final report of the commission on Scottish devolution."

This was meant to be in the programme for Government before the next General Election, both the Lib Dems and the Conservatives said that much of what was promised last Wednesday would not be deliverable in time. Well the Independent is reporting that Jim Murphy the Scottish Secretary is going to announce the proposals to deepen devolution in Parliament today, but will concede that this will not take place until after the General Election.

Last week top Scottish Labour Blogger Yousuf was all full of joy over the impending white elephant paper that Murphy was going to bring before the House. Well he will bring it, but he has already conceded there will not be time to bring it through.

Therefore the party that Yousuf says is the party of Home Rule are not prepared to follow through. That leaves us with the Tories another sponsor of the Calman Commission in Scotland, but their too are running scared of the white paper elephant in the room. One senior Tory has be quoted as saying:

"It's a headache for us. No doubt that's what Gordon Brown intends it to be. We will consider our options carefully."

B...b...but Annabel Goldie was pushing David Cameron to give full-hearted support for the Calman plans in the Commons when the report came out in June. Of course even then she was facing problems from her own MSPs, of course one of them John Lamont wants to be one of the people deciding on that.

If you want deeper powers for the Scottish Parliament a few things are clear, if you vote Labour they'll procrastinate, if you vote Tory they'll have a headache, if you vote SNP they'll decapitate (with out a clean slice and too many unanswered questions). Therefore the only way to get constructive real change and more power for Scotland is to vote Lib Dem.


  1. Stephen, In the unlikely event, judging by the Bo'ness result that the LIB DEMS ever gain power anywhere.I would like to know what powers they would devolve to the Scottish Government.Indeed what do you make of the the Labour government proposals which your party are fully supportive of.
    Given the level of support received in the Bo'ness by election how do you expect to do across the constituency in the Westminster Election. Tam

  2. Interesting that you take extropolation from one by election result in what was a strong SNP area in the 2003 council elections and again in the 2007 election as an indicator of wider fortunes.

    As you are no doubt also aware the Lib Dems were unable to field candidate in all the wards in Falkirk council so we had no presence in Bo'ness in 2007. As for me letting you know how the Lib Dems expect to do across the constituency, get out and do your own knocking on doors and find out, I'm not telling you what I've found in the last 4 years while I've been out and about.

  3. As for the powers devolved to the Scottish Parliament Tam.

    Greater Fiscal Autonomy is only one part. Greater autonomy on our legal, health and education decisions is another.

    So yeah we would be all for the SNP having the power to pass Socttish gunlaw and drink drive limits more in line with the Northern Irish proposals if that is the thrust of your enquiry. Don't forget we are the only party that is saying get on with implimenting the Calman proposals and do it NOW!